Divers Platform

We are proud of all of our products.  From the original Divers Platform to the brand new Scuba Tank Night Drop, all of our products are made to exacting standards, with precise tolerances and product longevity in mind.  We want to make great tools for divers because we are divers ourselves.


The Original Diver’s Platform

The Diver’s Platform is not just a float, for the first time there is a real tool to help instructors, commercial divers and students enhance their diving experience. The basic design consists of a super sturdy tube, with a metal ring, or handle, running around the outside. The float can support air tanks, heavy tools and other cumbersome equipment one might have on a dive. The design is the result of a collaboration with instructors and drawn from collective experience – the result of which is this unique and completely functional design.

For the instructors – the Diver’s Platform is the perfect accessory for your dive class. Store extra flags and ropes, white boards, and all your other props and tools used during your class in the center of the tube. Use the hand rail to gather your students around in between dives to discuss techniques and what you saw on the most recent dive without fear of the current pulling you all apart.

Diver’s Platform is a great tool for commercial divers as well. If you need a rugged floating platform to suspend extra tanks for decompression stops or suspend a hanging expanded metal basket to put tools in while working below you now have it in the Diver’s Platform. Just consider the exciting uses that the divers platform could bring to your diving practice.  One of our customers recently used the divers platform to replace a 48 pound propeller.  When considering the cost of pulling off the same repair without a tool like the divers platform, the choice is clear.

The Diver’s Platform is not just for professional use though, it’s a great tool for the recreational diver too. It can be a place to surface and hold on to while sharing the latest experience from on the last dive. It’s easy to accommodate six divers on one platform and eight if necessary. Those currents that caused you and your friends to float apart? No longer a problem With the distinct handle designed to hold on to, and at just the right height, currents no longer frustrate the student and instructors and can aid in the completion of the dive.

The Diver’s Platform is also incredibly durable and is built to last. If you take a look a the expanded assembly drawing you will see that not only will the Diver’s Platform take a beating but all the parts are assembled so you can have the platform repaired at the factory . Features include the tensioned swinging stainless steel anchor rope attachment point. This is the key portion to a long lasting work platform. The 3/8 stainless steel attachment loop is made of rugged 304 stainless steel. The anchor attachment retainer ring is 16 gauge stainless steel. It is laser cut and hydro-formed and was designed to tolerate the harsh environment the sea hands out every time you enter the water. Directly underneath and attached to the bottom is another 1/8 thick aluminum ring which is riveted through three precisely placed and engineered parts. This family of parts work together to distribute the stresses and force across the bottom and into the sides relieving the anchor point of the job of holding the platform in place all by its self. Together the parts work as one complete attachment point. The bottom of the Diver’s Platform is made of 5052 Aluminum alloy. Manufactured on a lathe, the metal is spun in to just the right shape as it is run over the precision tool. With long term durability in mind the spun bottom edges have been radiused, and relieved to capitalize on strength. Each assembled part complements the other to complete a totally symmetrical structure in design and strength like no others in the market place today. Durability is the key in making the worlds first long term and well made floating work bench.



Hi Tec Diver’s Platform

The Hi Tec version of the Diver’s Platform takes the platform to another level of functionality. Available as an add-on to the Original Diver’s Platform, or as a complete unit. The Hi Tec has six lifting lugs for and supports up to 300 lbs of dead weight for hookup, lifting, suspension, daisy chaining… when you need a solid link to the surface, the Hi Tec has you covered.


After years of testing and revising our auger we believe that the new Divers Platform Auger is the best on the market. Built solid but light it holds securely in many types of earth and seafloor.  We love it and think you will to.



Scuba Tank Night Drop

Now dive store owners will be able to solve one of the most redundant tasks of owning a dive store.  The Scuba Tank Night Drop allows divers to leave empty cylinders after or before store hours for fill ups.  This will allow dive store owners to be more efficient at the fill station preventing a log jamb at the fill station and the frustration of divers in a hurry for a fill up.